Friday, September 4, 2009

This Is Winter

Summer is done!
Winter is here!
Lets write some songs!

January 2009
I was never good at keeping secrets but i always kept yours
every now and then i wonder if you ever think about me the way i think about you
I still remember that January night when we stood in the snow and i wanted to say so much more than nothing
I will admit that i never fought for us and that if i could go back i probably would
But that doesnt really change anything does it?
You see i grew up with these kids and im gonna grow old with them
So i guess this is my saying goodbye

This Is Finglas
In times of war when all you have is yourself to rely on and the rain becomes the most constant thing in your life try to keep your conscience clean
Perfect nights never seem to be as perfect in the morning and regret is a plague that haunts this house
Two days from now i will have left this street behind but the memories of broken parents will linger until the day that i die
I often wonder if they were ever in love??