Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i came apart today as i drowned the past in the pouring rain
i miss myself and i miss my best friend
lately it seems like the music is starting to fade
and all the voices of all the kids i used to know are just distant memories of summers gone by
maybe im getting to old for this
all the times i spent staring out of broken windows onto broken city street reminds me that i used to be able to feel something
but i dont feel anything
when i run out of words to write and there are no fault lines left for me to fight i just want to hear my best friends voice

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Actual Update

Dont hold your breath, haha.

I have 2 days off work! Can i get a HELL YEAH!!

Today im going to Kilcoole to mix the Young Wolves Demo. we might have a song up tonight or tomorrow!

I get to see Bane tomorrow which im super stoked about!!

Life. haha where to begin.
Shit isnt great. It hasnt been great for a while now. For some reason i have stopped leaving the house unless its for work or practice. I keep having such weird dreams and im really not sure what to think about them. i know everyone goes through shit like this from time to time so will leave it at that.

Im going on tour in less than a month and im so stoked to clear my head and see some amazing place. We are hitting Germany, Holland, Scotland, England, France, Italy and maybe a couple more countries! Im seriously so excited! Our friends in Locked in are gonna show us all the sights in Italy!

The Forced Out Demo is up check it out!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have not had any time to update this because of my crazy work schedule. But my best friend told me to update it so thats what im doing haha.

I got back from tour on like the 25th of march. I had a blast. It was a great time with the best dudes! i didnt sleep in the van nearly as much as i expected to.

Since i have got back i have had like 2 days off work. It has been rough and im not off again until tuesday. but i get to see Bane 2 days in a row so that will rule!

im going to watch the never ending story now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

i cant feel anything but grief and ive been running on empty these past 10 weeks
i gave you everything and you never even noticed me struggling
im not sure if i ever mattered
if i will ever matter
if there are even any answers to the questions that i have been asking
love never made sense to me
and life was never as confusing as it was last year
i never had the heart to tell me friends that im fucking dead
that i just cant bring myself to make pointless fucking conversation anymore
if i love anything its the quiet that the noise brings
an the ringing in my ears is the only thing that tell me that im alive
you see i stay in most nights and look out at the city lights
and realize that im losing my fucking mind.