Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello Dublin

Its been a while since i updated this. Im not sure if its because im really busy or really lazy. Maybe its a bit of both.

Since i last posted we finished tour.
Tour was awesome. We got to see a bunch of beautiful countries, got to meet some awesome people and got to play some cool shows. What more could you want. We are heading out again on the 19th of september with our good friends Forced out and im stoked to get back on the road.

Since i have got home things have been chaotic. I just realized that we got home a month ago today. It seems like a lot longer. I have been working a fair bit when i can. I still hate my job but fuck it. Who doesnt??

Have Heart, Shipwreck and Rise and Fall played here last week and it was for sure the best show to ever happen in Dublin. It was good to hang out with those dudes again. Im booking flights to Boston for the last show this week i hope. haha need to get that booked while i have the cash.
Speaking of flights, i booked my flights to ieperfest last night. Stoked on another weekend in Belgium.

The Mongoloids and New Morality played here on monday night. Both bands were awesome but the attendance was not. Im not gonna give out about people not turning up. It would be silly for people to go see bands they dont like and all that jazz. Thank you so much if you did make it out though. I dont give a shit about losing money. i always expected to lose money putting on hardcore shows. It just sucked for the bands not getting to play to lots of people. So if you are wondering why i was bummed out after the show now you know why.

The Wonder Years arrive this day next week. You can catch us at the beach on wednesday, in Portlaoise on thursday and in Dublin on Friday. We will be partying. Good times will be had!

I dont think i have anything else i want to talk about so i will leave it at that.

Thanks to anyone that still reads this.

Happy Birthday Glauce.