Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funniest girl i have ever met.

An update hell yeah!!!!!

A short one though!

Holy shit summer is nearly over. it was a quick one for sure. Im happy to say i had a good one. I got to know some really cool people which rules. Famine played a bunch of cool shows. I was stoked on Germany! The Wonder Years blew my mind! Such a good band and truely the best dudes!

Life and Death Fest was awesome! Cheers to everyone that showed up! One of the best days of the summer for sure!

Busy Busy Busy the next few months!
Ieperfest next weekend! Fuck yeah!
I love belgium!

Famine LP is out at the ON show! excited! Then we hit the road with our boys Frustration! UK, France, Poland, Croatia, Belgium and some other places! fuck me im excited!
Then when we get back im off to Boston for edge day! hell yeah.
Then when we get back im off to london for Runningriot Fest and the Nfl london game!
Life is good!

Im moving in with Liamy, Glenn and Cindy in a couple of weeks! Come hang out with us!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts

lately you have been looking through me like i was never there
and lately i have been wishing that maybe i never was
im dying to feel alive cause lately i have been dying on my feet
and im left wondering why wont this summer fucking end
i have been draging myself into hopeless situations
pushing down feelings that actually might mean something
for the sake of what others will think
when did life become so complicated