Saturday, March 14, 2009


FUCK THE IRISH SEA!! Build a fucking bridge or something.
We leave for tour tomorrow and im seriously dreading the ferry.
When we went on tour with Famine last August i spent 4 hours puking hard. it was the worst experience of my life.

All that being said im really looking forward to tour. The last few months have been hard to say the least. I have been crazy busy. as im sure anyone that tried to hang out with me will tell you, i just didnt have the time and now that i have started to book a few more gigs i just dunno how much free time im gonna have. I may have to cut back on something, sure we will wait and see.

I have grand plans of posting blogs while on tour, haha i wonder what the chances of that are.

Im on a serious Ataris buzz at the moment. I went to see Kris Roe acoustic yesterday and it was so good! He played all the hits.

Ok im about to go and update the Young Wolves blog with some lyricsso i will leave it at that.


Glauce Lucas said...

Have a great tour with a lot of fun!

Iano said...

Thanks Glauce!!

DERRY said...

I find the best way to deal with the ferry being long, boring and sickness inducing is to sleep as much of it as you can. Bring some comfortable shit like a sleeping bag if it's real early/late. The second you get on stake out a good place to lie down (like the long benches at the front of one of them). Anyway, yeah, fuck the ferry. Expensive and shit.

Robbie said...

I wish I was playing Virtua Tennis on a fucking ferry. Fuck you.