Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dublin Bus

Im getting a bit sick of overly packed buses on my way home from work. so yesterday instead of heading home i went to town and hung out with nelly and downtown for a few hours. the laughs were had. So at like 9 i went to get a bus. i waited for a few mins and eventually jumped on a 19. i was chilling upstairs listening to Death is not Glamorous and i noticed the bus had stopped and everyone was going downstairs. so i jumped up and headed downstairs and i was greeted by the sight of a broken window and a kid in a wheelchair covered in glass. i was just so shocked. some scum bag had thrown a rock at the bus and shattered the window.

is this what this city has come to?? was it always this bad??
i always thought that dublin was an ok place to grow up but im not so sure id want to raisea family here now.


Jabberwocky said...

My grandad used to love telling me all these stories about really ropey bus routes he had to work back in the day. Even back then some people were just scumbags.
Sad but true.

niamh said...

thats so awful :(

Joebreaker said...

It's always been like this.
Well for a good while anyway.