Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Quest For Fanta.

I WANT!!!!!!

I have not tried a new flavor of Fanta in ages. Im bummed out about that. If you are going on holidays or anything bring me back mad flavors or mad cans or empty bottles of something. haha thanks

Send stuff to:

Ian Kelly
5 willow park lawn
glasnevin north
Dublin 11

So yeah im really busy at the moment so i dont have time to give this blog the time it deserves but i will do my best to post more often.

Young Wolves should have some songs online this weekend or hit me on msn and i might hook you up.

Im going on tour in a couple of weeks with find a way.

OK the football is starting soon. i hope everyone is well.


Glauce Lucas said...

Just tried the Fanta Icy Lemon, not bad! I have to remember to bring a Fanta they have in Italy, red orange, something like that, it's great!

xChrisx said...

Ill hook you up with something mad good homeslice.