Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Fuck how good was that??

I have always loved Galway, its the nicest city in Ireland and all the people are lovely!

I woke up and went to Glasnevin for an hour or so before i headed to town to meet the lads. We watched videos on you tube and shit.

I then met the lads and he headed on our merry way. I dont think that people that know us even know how vulgar the 5 of us are when we are together. we say the most ridiculous stuff ever. So that made for extremely funny times! I think it took us just over 3 hours to get to Galway, it was sweet. We found the venue pretty easily.

It was so sweet to see Noelie again! He is my favourite dude!

So many people from Dublin travelled for this, like 30 people or something. it was sweet.

Ghundi were decent and ended were class! I was happy with how we played, we pulled out mostly new songs and people seemed to like them, i think. I really like playing in Galway and i was into the venue! We sold loads of the new shirts! Verse were just amazing! One of the best live bands in hardcore! i cant wait for the next 2 days.

The drive home was funny as fuck. I laughed so hard. We sang a bunch of amazing tunes like GOLD, pokemon theme tune, loads of cramberries, the pogues and other shit like that.

Stall to greystones tonight


Graham said...

Galway is my favourite city in Dublin too.

GAV said...

Galway is my favourite city in Rick Ta Life too.


It was definitely the best FF car trips to date anyways.

WickedOwl said...

Noelie is my favourite person.