Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Fanta from Ghana. Is it safe to drink?? haha im not sure.

Prevomania. What can i say really?? I bottled it. After a bad start i sailed through the groups. Robersh gave me a close game in the quarters but i did the business in extra time. I beat Jack easily which was strange because we always have really close games. Ben hammered me in the final.

I have not been myself lately. I don't even know how to describe what i mean by that. I just feel strange all of the time.

Ceremony played here the other night and it was my favourite set that a band has ever played in Dublin. I Love that band. But i did not enjoy the show. I hate the Boom Boom Room, it's the worst venue and it makes me feel really uneasy and on edge all the time. I never liked it, even when everyone was going wild about how it was amazing i thought it was shit. Its shit.
But all the bands ruled so thats what matters most!
Alex took this. The lad has talent and he is a really nice lad! Gwan Alex!

This Saturday Dirty Money from the UK are playing in The Temple. It will without a doubt be amazing. Stop posing and come out to this.


Hamster said...

How did you get fanta from ghana??

Iano said...

It just washed up on the beach!!!!!!!!!!

Graham said...

Ciaran snuck it home.