Friday, January 9, 2009

Role Models

I have been really busy as of late with band stuff and work. I have the weekend off work which is nice. Im gonna watch the Villa game tomorrow, Hang out with Lainey and then watch some nfl. Then i have practice and The Effort on Sunday. It will be the 2nd Young Wolves show so im excited.

Alex put on a gig in the Temple last week and it was sweet. Im really into the venue. It was the first Young Wolves show, I don't think many people were into but sure i enjoy it and thats the most important thing at then moment. I didn't really expect many people to be into considering its not hardcore. Plagues were good, the masks were a good touch but i cant believe that lad stood on my cab, fucking hell man, you can't be doing that. Sheep Dip were good to. I really enjoyed the Find A Way set, i always do. Overall sweet gig.

After the gig we headed out to Foxys for the NFL!! The Chargers did the business! Foxys brother came in during the game and saw Cindys wagon wheel at his feet and the conversationwent a little bit like this.
"the fucking size of that pizza"
Cindy: "yeah its huge man i couldnt finish it"
"oh so you thought you would tuck into your tub of ice cream instead"
Cindy: ......

We laughed a lot. oh then he came back in and told Cindy his hat was on crooked.

He turned out to be a good lad though.

I ended up getting home close to 6am and i was up and at practice by 11am. After practice i headed back to Foxys for the Ravens game. I destroyed Mac kell at Proev before hand, haha.

I went to see Role Models last night and fuck it amazing. I seriously laughed hard for the whole thing.

Come to The Carrier on the 14th.


xMac Kellx said...

Proev is not a real game.

Ro said...

Haha amazing, I knew Foxy's bro would deliver that night, wish I'd went to Ian's for that after practice. Young Wolves are/were awesome. Make no apologies for them not being hc.
Wez does handstands on the cab in practice.

WeZ said...

I done a hand stand on the cab while rubbing my dick on Cruises Ampeg Head.