Sunday, January 25, 2009

She And Him

I have had the best weekend!
I got up at 8am on friday morning and woke jack up and we headed to the airport to meet Rich, Ben, Webbo, Adam, Tom and Bobby. We headed back to Glasvegas and chilled. We just caught up and shit. Ha i somehow managed to split a deck of cards and pull out the ace of spades when tom asked me. It was the greatest thing i will ever achieve in life, haha.

We went to the show at like 6 and waited around for ages. We played table tennis and the lads played cricket while me and Rich chowed down. After waiting around for what seemed like forever the show started. I couldnt really hear anything during the young wolves set but it was alright i guess. Save Your Breath were awesome, i had the best time! Everyone pre order the EP! The Guns Up! cover was fun. I really enjoyed the Find A Way set, sure its always a laugh. After the show me, Webbo, tom and ben got a taxi back to the house and we didnt get chip kebabs or 2 bottles of fanta! Bobby got a bit wild and i had to give him a yellow card, haha.

We got up crazy early the next morning and headed to town. on the way in Bobby spotted a crazy naked man and it turned out to be the naked guitar playing cowboy from new york. A few laughs were had!

We hit Dorans and myself and Rich set up shop while the lads sound checked. I dunno why i find it so funny but i laughed hard everytime we sold a really large shirt to a really small girl!! The SYB set was so sweet, the place was packed and kids were going crazy! Wally, Rich and myself moshed from the side of the stage! A bunch of us went back to glasvegas and after a few people headed to town the rest of us sat around for hours just talking, it ruled so much.

I left pretty late and it sucked getting up for work this morning.

So yeah basically i had a sweet weekend.
Highlights include:
Hanging with the lads again.
Getting to see my best friend lots :) i dont see her enough!
That amazing bus driver
listening to this girl sing lots

We start recording the FF album tomorrow! im so stoked to get it done and im stoked for hangouts and conversations about ridic stuff! haha.

Im going to watch the Royal Rumble now! Fuck Yeah!!!


Lally said...

the very NARROW corridor. small. it's very narrow. MOVEEEEE.

Iano said...


Olivia said...

That's hilarious about the naked dude!

Ro said...

She has the best voice.