Monday, January 19, 2009

A week


Im back in work today after 9 days out sick. Its not so bad. Considering how sick i was it was such a busy week. I played 3 shows and had 4 practices. I really dont know how i turned up to the Carrier let alone sang.

I dont really think im bothered talking about the past week. You all know what happened. Read Mac Kells blog, haha. The highlight of my week was hanging out with Wally. We dont get to hang out that often anymore so it was class to just chill and have the chats. She will be the next Sonia O Sullivan soon!

So the next few weeks for me seem to be all about recording. Im recording some acoustic stuff this week which im fairly nervous about. Then this day next week we start recording the FF album, im so stoked for it. Then the weekend after that we are recording the YW Demo. Also stoked.

It snowed while i was on the way home from practice the other night. it felt incredible just to be standing there looking up and my walk home after i got off the bus was so good. Im just a kid at heart.

I was at that party in Joes the other night. I had an alright time, i just stood in this shed thing and had the laugh listening to raveand stuff. I met Brians girlfriend Alice for the first time and she was lovely, Nearly as nice as Brian,haha. Jack dropped me home after it which was so nice of him, love you bro.

I have not had many customers today. mostly teas and coffees and such. one woman bought a sandwich.

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