Saturday, October 4, 2008

Forest Gump

I'm off work again today. I'm not sure if i will even end up leaving the house today but i might be hanging out with Laura and Chris. I have been feeling pretty good lately, life is sweet and i have some of the best friends a dude could ask for. That being said i also have a couple of shitty friends, i'm getting pretty sick of making plans with people and then they just dont bother to reply to texts and shit. I guess i'm not bother trying anymore, shit just isnt worth it. If i'm being honest i'm not sure why i have been trying so hard anyway, fuck it i'm done with that now anyway.

"If you hate your job, then you gotta quit, if you hate your city you gotta split. It´s not so hard to cut those ties and cut away. Just know: your friend are always behind you. Where ever you go, they´ll always be there, like you where always there for them, so thank you. For giving me hope, and making me go headstrong, heartstrong, and all out. And sometimes it´s like blake said (it best) when he wrote, "Did that no one everlive a life this hard?" ´Cause it gets hard, and it gets bleak, and sometimes you´ve gotta go it alone. But see it through, brave the storm and you´ll see that, come dawn, your friends are all behind you."

I love death is not glamorous!!!!!!

Nealo is back next month and i'm excited to go get a 3 in 1 and shit!! Keep aneye out for his new band! they will rule!!

To say that their are a few shows coming up would be a huge understatement! I'm so excited for the next few months!

I somehow managed to fuck up my shoulder last night. I'm actually in so much pain right now. haha.

I'm having a movie night with Sabrina tomorrow. She has never seen Forest Gump, What the fuck???

Thats all for now. Cheers.

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