Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hanging out is what we do best

Its 11am on a thursday morning and im listening to Tiger Jaws wishing i was drinking a Strawberry Fanta.

Im trying to think what i have been up to lately. I have basically been working 5 days a week and most weeks i would have 4 practices. Haha yeah im busy BUT i found out yesterday that im only getting 2 days a week in work after next week. Its such bullshit. I have been working there for 8 years and i feel let down more than anything. Im fucked for money now but whatever. At least i get to spend more times with friends doing shit that i actually care about. Yo so hit me up and we will hang out, i dont get to see enough of people.

So when Forging Friendships got back from tour we were meant to record this album but instead we wrote another bunch of new songs, i dont think we will play any of them live till we get the album out. im 99% sure we will have it out this spring. We have a bunch of shows coming up:

Anyone wanna hang out today??

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xMac Kellx said...

I'm seriously so stoked to see FF so much over the nest couple of months.