Friday, October 3, 2008

This Is Dublin

I got really shit at updating my old blog and i was getting so many spam mails so i decided to make a change.

I have not been up to much lately. Just working and shit like that. I had the day off work yesterday, infact im not back in till monday which rules! I basically sat around yesterday reading comics.
I'm digging all the Civil War stuff at the moment!!

As you may or may not know, i have the internet at home again. It rules!
I spent the last few nights catching up on the tv that i have been missing out on.
I got myself up to date on One Tree Hill and Heroes! Both shows rule!! haha

I have recently discovered that fanta from the cinema is the greatest shit ever!!
I also love Fanta from can ora 1.5 litre bottle but im not to much into it from a 500ml bottle. Weird i know. I also heard about this recently:
Someone from the US please hook me up!!

The mighty Villa have got off to an amazing start this season. we won in the uefa cup last night and we made it through to to the group stages! I'm hoping we can have a decent run in the competition!

OK thats all for now. Cheers for reading!!



xMac Kellx said...

The spam mail on wordpress was unreal.

Ciaran said...

Villa drew last night... At home...

I can't believe everybody's abandoning their Moshspace blogs. Fuck you all.

Liamy said...

That grape Fanta looks delish.