Sunday, October 12, 2008

We are the same

Today i listened to Saves The Day. It made me feel a bit better.

Im currently drinking a can of this:

My personal life is fucked at the moment but i dont have the time to go into that. Im going to london next week to see To Kill, Liferuiner and Recon with the lads so that will take my mind off shit. In fact im pretty stoked on the trip.

Fuck work fuck work FUCK WORK!!! I need to get out of that place. Its actually driving me insane. I hate everything about the place. There are so many idiots that i would straight up love to punch in the face. Its actually soul destroying getting up in the mornings and going into that place. My boss John is a cool dude and thats most likely the only reason i still work there. There is this christmas party coming up and its in the city west hotel and like 20 people can go. so i was told that managers, supervisors and full time staff are going. So i was thinking yeah maybe i will go and have the laugh with Jason and Sarah(the 2 supervisors i work with, both really cool people)So i was chatting to them this morning and i was asking them if they were going and they didnt even get invited. I thought that was bullshit so i decided not to go. Fuck that type of shit.

Its my birthday next month, i have no idea if i will do anything though.

Why do dudes put out amazing acoustic albums and then ruin themselves by putting out some piece of shit full band country album or some shit. fuck that.
It happens way to much.


I wish my life was the final scene in an American Pie movie or some shit. tht would be rad. Someone dance with me. I will right you some songs or something yeah?? girls dig that right??appreciate it yeah??? get the fuck out of my life...

I need more fanta. ha i have never been more sarcastic in my life.

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Hamster said...

We are def celebrating your birthday.