Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our news, Today is tuesday.

Hi, How is everyone??

Work at the moment is actually the most boring shit ever. I had 6 cutomers today in 6 hours. I seriously get through a half a season of Fifa on the DS every day. I spent one day last week just doing training, thats how boring it gets. Don't ask me why but for some reason i said that i would do an extra day next week, Maybe i'm trying to drive myself crazy or something, oh and get this, there is a sweet radio but the CD player on it is broken. What the fuck???

I was sick to death of fifa yesterday so i read this:

It's called Superman Red Son. It's basically about what would have happened if superman had of landed in the soviet union instead of america and was brought up as a communist. It's an amazing read and you should really check it out. Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, sure what else could you want.

I walked most of the way home from work today and it was nice to clear my mind and listen to some Lifetime!!

Someone pointed out that not everyone can comment my blog so i sorted that out.

Did you know that In Rwanda it is common to refer to all soft carbonated drinks as Fanta. Beverages which are not part of the Fanta range are also frequently preceded by the word Fanta, for example Fanta Coca for Coca Coca, and Fanta Sprite. WEIRD!!
It's kinda like the way Jon Boyce calls all Crisps Tayto!

If you wish to send me weird flavours of Fanta you can send them to:

Ian Kelly
5 Willow Park Lawn
Glasnevin North
Dublin 11

Hahaha Cheers!!


gav said...

I read somewhere that they refer to all soft drinks as Coke in some parts of America. The United States like!

Glenn said...

Work is so quiet here too. On Sunday no one bought any food until gone two o'clock. Even then only about ten people did. It's class being quiet though, I don't know why you're complaining.

Gareth said...

They have blackcurrent fanta in that brazilian shop on crow street. Red Son is fuckin savage