Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Young Wolves

Im not sure if many people know this but i joined another band recently. I reckoned i needed an outlet for some of the more positive stuff i was writing and this was the perfect chance. Believe it or not i actually attempt to sing. Its like Saves the day meets Daggermouth or something. Im really enjoying it so expect a demo soonish. there is a myspace page if you want a look: www.myspace.com/youngwolveshc

I rang in sick to work today. I watched so much tv.
Has anyone seen that movie Reign over me?? I watched it tonight and thought it ruled. its about a man who lost his family in the September 11 attack on New York City and how he bumps into his old college roommate and the dude trys to help him through his shit. Its heart wrenching stuff and adam sandler is class in it.

I had no money this week to buy Comics. Gutted.


gajbireland said...

It'll be too good if you's sound like Daggermouth

Robbie said...

That is definitely the best name for a band. Give me leaks of you singing. You know I love it.

niamh said...

your blogs good, im gonna follow!reign over me is so good. i got the dvd and its a tear jerker :(