Sunday, November 23, 2008

Being Busy

To say that life is busy at the moment would be an understatement. Work at least 5 days a week, practice at least 3 nights a week, then throw in gigs, friends and getting other band stuff sorted and thats my week.

Haha and things are only gonna get worse. December will be about getting the Find A Way EP pressed and getting merch sorted, Getting the Young Wolves Demo recorded , Getting the Find A Way tour booked, Tightening up the Forging Friendships set. Haha not to mention Dirty Money, the verse tour and have heart.

January will be all about recording the Forging Friendships album. Im so stoked for it!! Young Wolves first show. Losing my shit at the Carrier, haha. Releasing the FAW 7inch??

haha now that i thing of it im busy as fuck until the summer. As a result of that i just dont know how many shows i will be able to put on. i just dont know if i will have the time, this is somethig i need to have a think about and chats need to be had about it.

Find A Way are doing a tour in the UK in march with Cutting Class!! They asked us to do it and we are stoked!!

Ok i better go get ready. Bye.

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xChrisx said...

I will lose all my shit for that FF album.For real.