Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fuck Wednesdays

We all have this idea in our heads of who we are meant to be
But what if we cant fit into the roles our parents want us to play
I always proved to be a disappointment or so im told
The only kid that never gave a shit about fitting in
I often wonder at the end of days
Will i sit back and look at my mistakes with the deepest regret.
I was always held down by the endless ticking clock
And all the things that i wanted that i could never have.
I tore out the years
Like pages from a book
I didn't care to read
I never thought that i could miss you half as much as i do
But these night mean nothing without you
I sacrificed self respect
The small bit i had left and reached out to you
And blew the only chance i had at feeling alive
This has to be more than words
More than some fucked up kids in a dead in town
more than some high points and some low lifes
more than a life full of what ifs and could have beens

Blog about my birthday when i get home.

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