Thursday, November 6, 2008


Pineapple Fanta! This is the real shit and possibly my favourite flavour! People seriously need to start sending me weird flavours! Its my birthday on the 18th yo! haha.
Work is the most boring thing ever, that being said i love the fact that i get paid for doing nothing. I had 7 customers today, somes days i don't have any at all. its the good shit. I
basically spend my day reading comics, playing ds and the odd time i bring the laptop in and play a bit of football manager.

I got really bored today and took a few picture of what i look at every day:

I watched that movie the Kite Runner this evening and it blew me away. I seriously suggest you check it out.

The Mighty Villa did the business in the Uefa Cup tonight! We were fucking shite but at least we got the result!

Right i'm gonna head to bed.
If you are at the party tomorrow come say hi and if you aint done so giz an add on msn



Robbie said...

That shop looks so good.

Sean said...

Kite Runner is fucking awesome. I watched it a while ago. Mind blown. Yeah your shop looks cool. That view is wicked.

Ro said...

Yeah, that shop looks awesome there. Autumnal buzz FTW.