Monday, November 10, 2008


I love this girl, She makes me laugh more than most. But she sometimes saysthe most silly things in the world, haha.
For example:
The other day she said something like
Jesse: "ice is so weird"

me: "it's just frozen water"
Jesse: "no but its ice?"
me: "yeah its ice, but ice is frozen water"
Jesse: "no its not"
Jesse: "say you have a tomato and then you make tomato juice, its not a tomato anymore"
me: "thats completely different"

haha then she said something about there not being water in fanta and i gave up. I laughed so much!!

After the ice incident we went to see Burn After Reading, It was a good movie!

I'm reading this at the moment and it rules! The movie seems to be loosly based on it from what i can tell so far.

Daraghs 21st was the other night. It was a good laugh seeing everyone in togas and stuff. Find A Way played and we were shocking BUT i had a good laugh, i hit Zach in the head with my bass, Sorry bro!! Ian Fox and the inflatable Gods were delish! They just keep getting better!!

After work yesterday i met Mac Kell in town andwe headed out to Greystones for the sambo project gig! Needless to say the laugh was had!
I didnt like Etcha all that much.
RAN were incredible!! Like so good!!
After The Math were ok but the drummer just seemed terrible.
Kidd Blunt are amazing!

We had to leave during them to catch a dart to town so we could get the last bus. There was some fault on the train and we ended up waiting in bray for like 10 mins which meant i missed my bus. Shit sucked!

I'm off work today and tomorrow! So if anyone would like to do anything give me a shout. Its my birthday on tuesday week! What should i do??????


Robb Edge said...

Ahahahahaha. Jesse. Bless.

WickedOwl said...

So true re: after the math drumming. I was going mental listening to it, it was so bad.