Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Fanta Fruit Twist FUCK YEAH!!!+ Added xGavx!!!

Hi! So a few weeks ago work told me that i wouldnt be getting many hours for the next couple of months, i was pretty pissed off but i fuck it! So since that day i have worked like 27 days out of 30 or something stupid like that. Make your fucking minds up. Working there is kinda hard at the moment for one reason or another. I find myself in constant bad moods and when im there i just don't want to talk to anyone. Well actually except for Mags, that girl is sound and she knows whats up, i def have the lols with her.

Find A Way are recording an EP next week! I'm stoked to get new songs recorded. Its been a year since we recorded anything so its about time we got the finger out!

Forging Friendships are recording this album in January! I can't wait to finally get it done! I'm so stoked to get it out! It will have the 3 songs from the recent demo and 9 other songs that we aint recorded before! Come see us on the 14th in Dorans. I think we will be playing some old tunes that we aint played in forever! So stall the ball and have the laugh!

Young Wolves will be playing our first show in January! Im stoked! i hope we get a demo done before then!

Im currently reading this:

It rules hard! check it out for sure.

A bunch of us went to Glasnevin and hung out last night, the laugh was had for sure! Its good to have nealo back! Jack decided to put on a face mask!

I can't belive how cold it has been recently! That being said im loving it, haha. I love the whole build up to Christmas! Last christmas in the house i grew up in too! Weird for sure!

More Later.

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XGAVX said...

Did you draw a mustache on my face?