Friday, November 21, 2008

Last Night

Im well to tired to write something long but fuck me i had such a good night! Thanks so much to everyone that came out and had the laugh with me! Everyone needs to go out more!!

- The general laugh
- Yes no game show
- Robbie getting sick, haha
- Having the chats
- Zach telling the wotsits story again
-V for vendetta
- Talking bout 2005 shit
- Getting to know Liamy and Tracy a bit better

Club Orange


ianthefox said...

Fucking club orange.

Liamy said...

After hearing your tour stories I now feel like I know you a little too well, Iano...

Joebreaker said...


xChrisx said...

I missed Robbie getting sick?
fucking bummer!
love you bro.

xCiaránx said...

I am the champion at the gameshow. Nobody got me all night.