Monday, November 10, 2008

Fanta Rules!!!

I wish i had this much Fanta!
Find A Way are recording tomorrow!!
im stoked as fuck!

I wrote this right at the end of tour.

I know these motorways
They are the veins pumping blood to the far reaches of this world
When i close my eyes all i see are dotted while lines and traffic signs counting down the miles as swan valley goes racing by
im hiding panic attacks inside backpacks with pages full of reasons why i will never be good enough for you
we live in a city full of lies
and when all we need are sincere eyes they can be the hardest thing to find
but autumn rain just set in and it wont be long till the truth starts falling
with these amber leave onto empty streets and all our so called enemies wont know what hit them and our friends will scream 1000 songs of heart ache and when this pen finally runs out of words to write we will know that its winter again
as we wave goodbye to another loveless summer we will set our sights on stormy nights where the girls we loved are left far behind and the sweetest dreams could yet be mine, yes the sweetest dreams could yet be mine


Graham said...

It looks good in theory, but Fanta out of those canister things taste awful unfortunately.

xChrisx said...

we should stock up on those canisters next tour.
Make it happen homeslice.