Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I dont have a Fanta picture, Sorry!

I finished work a bit early today so i decided to do a bit of christmas shopping.

I always end up buying presents for my family in book stores. I love books about irish history and i love looking at picture of dublin from like 50 years ago and stuff like that.
So i saw this book:

I had a quick look at it and thought it was class, so i decided to pick it up for my Dad. But as i was cueing i realised that he will most likely never even look at it. I dont know if i have ever seen him read a book. I seemed to have it in my head that because i loved reading that my parents must like it also. Where else would i have got my love for books?? Not from them it would seem. I found that so strange when i thought about it.
Anyway i put the book back and went and bought some dvds. I think i will pick the book up before christmas though!

im to tired to keep going sorry.

Oh also i was thinking about fibbers next thursday for my birthday. is that a terribe idea????


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WickedOwl said...

Fibbers is a great idea! As is blogging between pictures of fanta. :]

ianfox said...

I'd stall to Fibbers. And let's be honest, your only aim is to get me out.